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Immigration: Pathway to the American Dream

October 1, 2015

Latinos are the Holy Grail of the religious right

February 7, 2013

This post originally appeared on NBCLatino. What do Evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons all have in common?  And no, this is not the beginning of a joke. The growth of all three faiths is being fueled by the Latino population.   Latinos are not just the fastest Continue Reading →

Rubio cornered on immigration

January 21, 2013

This post originally appeared on NBCLatino. There’s a saying in Spanish, es de sabios cambiar de opinión.  Roughly translated, “it is of wise people to change their minds.” According to this dicho Senator Marco Rubio is wise.  On the issue of immigration he has evolved from opposing to supporting Continue Reading →

Immigration reform will not be easy, but it’s not impossible

January 7, 2013

This post originally appeared on NBCLatino. It’s the first week of the year and New Year’s resolutions are fresh and, at least for me, posted on my fridge.  I doubt President Obama has his resolutions up on the refrigerator, but he nevertheless has made out Continue Reading →

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