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The Voting Trends of Women

April 13, 2012

In this installment of the University of Texas Election Series I discuss the voting trends of women. In particular I focus on the gender gap and how women traditionally tend to favor the Democratic candidate. Looking ahead to the 2012 presidential election I consider how Continue Reading →

GOP Loosing the Latina Mom and Much More

March 23, 2012

This post originally appeared on NBCLatino Less is more for the Republican Party when it comes to women’s reproductive rights. Conservative Republican women may fully support the strategy of curtailing such healthcare access but the rest of the female electorate does not take kindly to Continue Reading →

PBS To The Contrary Panel Discussion

February 10, 2012

In this episode we discuss the comprise President Obama came to with religious leaders regarding contraception, the role of women in the front lines and how the President is faring with progressive women. Watch February 10, 2012 on PBS. See more from To The Contrary.

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