KUT’s Texas Standard – Election Burnout

By DrVMDS on September 16, 2016

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MSBNC’s The Rachel Maddow Show – Debriefing Trump

By DrVMDS on September 1, 2016

Why Isn’t Trump Slamming Employers who Break Immigration Laws?

By DrVMDS on August 31, 2016

This post originally appeared on NBCNews.com.

Varying shades of deportation plans and building a border wall have dominated Trump’s political discourse. He’s firm on building a wall and mushy on what to do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country — especially now that he has to talk about actual plans.

One thing that has been missing from Trump’s immigration back-and-forth has been what to do about the employers who hire undocumented immigrants. Immigrants come to the United States because there are people who want to employ them. If there wasn’t a demand there wouldn’t be much of a supply of immigrants – the Law of Supply and Demand, it’s Economics 101.

As a businessman, Trump should be keenly aware that American business demands attract undocumented labor. In fact, Trump himself has been accused of having undocumented labor on his projects – including his current Washington D.C. hotel. Continue Reading

MSNBC’s Morning Joe: Trump in Mexico

By DrVMDS on August 30, 2016

MSNBC’s Alex Witt: Clinton Lead Commanding with Latinos

By DrVMDS on August 28, 2016

Trump Wants it Both Ways on Immigration

By DrVMDS on August 25, 2016

This piece originally appeared on NBCNews.com

Trump pumped up over 5,000 at a rally in Austin, Texas this week by pledging a border wall that Mexico would pay for it, and that there would be a return to lawful immigration (translation — no more executive orders protecting undocumented immigrants). Classic Trump.

But just hours before this rally Trump sang a different tune. At a pre-taped town hall hosted by Fox News’ Sean Hannity,l Trump said he would be open to softening his view on mass deportation, “There certainly can be a softening because we’re not looking to hurt people.”

So what happened to Trump’s call to reinstate President Eisenhower’s Operation Wetback that oversaw a mass deportation of Mexican immigrants? Continue Reading

MSNBC’s Morning Joe: Woes for Clinton & Trump

By DrVMDS on August 24, 2016

Why George P. Bush Swallowed Bitter Pill and Endorsed Trump

By DrVMDS on August 11, 2016

This piece originally appeared on NBCNews.com

AUSTIN, Texas — After witnessing Donald Trump bully, batter and bruise his dad, Jeb Bush, Texas Land Commissioner and the only statewide Latino elected official George P. Bush did what he had to do for political survival, endorse Trump.

In his comments to Texas Republican county chairs and state party executive committee members George P. called for party unity while noting that it was, “a bitter pill for Team Bush to swallow.” Over the course of the GOP primary Trump not only skewered Jeb Bush, but former President George W. Bush, and levied insults toward the Mexican and immigrant background of Columba Bush, the wife of Jeb and mother of George P.

If you ask me, that pill Team Bush and George P. in particular, swallowed was the nastiest, most sour horse-sized pill ever known.

But I get it. George P.’s subtle endorsement needs to be put in its context–the Texas political scene. Continue Reading

NBCLatino: Is the DNC Energizing Latino Voters

By DrVMDS on July 28, 2016

Democratic National Convention Election 2016 Briefing

By DrVMDS on July 26, 2016

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