MSNBC’s UP – Hillary Clinton Round Up

By DrVMDS on June 6, 2015

New Poll On Latino’s Foreign Policy Views

By DrVMDS on February 22, 2015

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Significantly more Latinos than non-Latinos see climate change as a critical threat, but there is a narrower gap when asked about whether immigration is a threat to the country, according to a newly released poll by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Yet on most foreign policy issues, Latinos had very similar views to non-Latinos when surveyed, challenging the notion that large numbers of Latino immigrants coming to the United States will not share the same values.

“Some people worry that the changing demographics will shift our foreign policy priorities and that Latin Americans will have greater loyalty to their countries of origin,” said the study’s co-author Dina Smeltz. “Instead what we see is an expression of investment in this country regarding economic policy and security.”

Both groups view the United States as the most influential country in the world and favor strong US leadership. By extension, Latinos and non-Latinos (68% and 69% respectively) approve of the use of American military forces to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and see terrorism as a critical threat. Continue Reading

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