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MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown – The GOP & The Donald

July 9, 2015

MSNBC’s Politics Nation – Conversation Nation

December 27, 2014

MSNBC’s Agenda Panel – 2 Questions: Where’s Rubio & HRC 2016???

October 29, 2013

August 30, 2012

UP with Chris Hayes: A discussion of Arizona’s Primary

February 25, 2012

In the lead up to the Arizona primary we discuss the medium to long-term forces that have shaped current immigration politics. Key to understanding Arizona is placing it in the context of other Mountain West states that were born into a populist political tradition. More Continue Reading →

UP With Chris Hayes: A Discussion of the Pew Inequality Study

November 15, 2011

The Pew inequality study from earlier this year shows that all groups experienced a decline in wealth, however Latinos suffered the greatest decline. This study, together with current economic indicators highlight the importance of issues beyond immigration for the Latino community.

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