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Perry in a Different Light: Tejanos and Education Policy

October 3, 2011

Everything in life is relative.  Within the Republican presidential field Governor Rick Perry has come to be the Latino friendly candidate.   Specifically, he has been cast as a Latino education advocate for signing into law an in-state college tuition bill for undocumented persons.  While the Continue Reading →

Vivó en Vivo: Análisis de la Aprobación del Presidente Obama

September 2, 2011

Una entrevista con  ”La Voz en Español”,  José Gutiérrez Vivó donde doy un análisis de recientes sondeos entre los Latinos respecto al  Presidente Obama.

The Ganas Gap: Obama’s Latino Challenge

August 31, 2011

The President has a long list of things to worry about, topped by his approval to disapproval ratio in the general electorate.  Among Latinos the downward trend in approval is reflected, but less severe.  The big worry for the administration regarding Latinos is not that Continue Reading →

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