Akin as a Conservative Martyr?

By DrVMDS on August 22, 2012

This post originally appeared on POLITICO’S Arena.

The DNC and the president who are in danger of being hurt if they keep focusing on Akin. The full on assault by the White House could very well turn Akin into a conservative martyr that is being skewered by the administration and the media.

I find Akin’s comments not only wrong but repulsive. However, like Akin there are many individuals who believe that there is not just one kind of rape. What Akin was expressing was a more general belief about the role of women in society, a belief that is shared by many fellow GOP elected officials and voters. Akin is not alone, he just said publicly what is usually kept within the family.

We saw in 2010 that a social conservative base can be effectively mobilized if they feel threatened. If that feeling of threat is pumped up by the administration then the issue of abortion may have a rallying effect among Republicans and actually neutralize the mobilization of moderate women.

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